Today businesses are growing at a much higher speed as compared to the past 10-15 years. More and more new companies are being registered every year. In 2021 alone a staggering 5.4 million applications were received for company registration. This gives an idea of how much speed companies are being registered.

Because of so many companies being registered every year, everything that is connected to companies is also growing. Demands for office spaces are getting higher, there are more employees, and the competition is also really high.

Office spaces are in high demand and the prices are hiking too because of it. People are paying more than usual for an office space to meet their demands. Everyone is trying to get the best space possible and getting is more difficult than ever.

Many owners are adjusting their space because they are not getting a good and spacious office space and they have too many employees, and adjusting them in a small office is just not working.

In 2021 approximately 3.30 billion people were employed worldwide and that is a HUGE number of people being employed. Because of this companies are having difficulties in hiring people. Yet it is beneficial for the company that they have many people to choose from. This again shows us the growth of the corporate sector. The growth of the corporate sector has also increased the competition. There are hundreds of companies with the same product and service. While it is beneficial for the customer or consumer it is also a drawback for many companies as they don’t get enough reach and that is why companies are investing in new technologies and software.

Advance Technologies

Companies are now investing huge amounts of money in many things. Every company wants its name on the top and for that, the company has to improve itself. Owners are investing in different things like ATS software, marketing/digital marketing, and more. But the issue of spaces doesn’t seem to be resolved anytime soon.

In order to solve this issue many ideas were forwarded and many steps were taken but nothing worked. Then we took a step forward and worked on it. The idea was great but it needed execution.

We then planned the whole system, how would it work and all. We came to a conclusion that we will make the most advanced and the best room booking system and to do that we had to add as many features as we could. Here are some of the few features we added.

These are just a few of the features that we added, we wanted to make it more advanced and for that, we made some devices in order to make an advanced eco-system of space booking. So we launched a meeting room display.

After adding the features and launching our devices we made them available in different places, few of them are listed below;

This is the whole journey of how we made an advanced room booking system. Now thousands of people are availing our services and getting benefits from them.