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Let’s face it – today’s business world moves fast.
Say goodbye to unnecessary headaches, hang-ups, and hindrances, and get back to work with Meetvue. Our user-friendly scheduling platform makes it easier than ever before to schedule meetings, plan events, reserve corporate meeting rooms in your building, and so much more. Do it all in a simple, easy to use platform.

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A Guide to Meeting Room Booking Systems

Our “Guide to Meeting Room Booking Systems” helps you make informed purchasing choices. Because when choosing the right meeting room booking system for your business, maximum utilization is the key to success.

Important Features
Top 10 Tips for Success
Meeting Room Screens
Authentication Types
Getting the Best Return-on-Investment

The Problem

Over booking

Current scheduling solutions do not verify participant counts with room capacity.

Occupancy status

Rooms do not have any visual indication to show their occupancy status.


Current scheduling systems do not utilize modern Mobile app platforms and features

Workspace shared spaces are valuable real estate resources, which are not utilized efficiently and effectively

The Solution

Occupancy Status

Pioneering technology , which uses Light changing LED lights integrated in a tablet.


Seamless integration with existing industry Standard platforms like Microsoft Outlook.


A functional and fully integrated Mobile App for finding the spaces on the go.

meetvue is the missing link! It brings the best of all existing solutions together and solves the complex puzzle of Shared space scheduling and visual occupancy status.