What Is Meetvue

What is MeetvueTM

Meetvue is meeting management made simple. With our advanced platform, tablet, and integration capabilities, meetvue is here to help you revolutionize the ways in which your organization goes about collaboration, communication, and teamwork on a daily basis

Awesome functionallity

What is Meetvue

Featuring a simple, analytical, and safe interface, meetvueTM is a meeting schedule platform that allows business professionals and corporate executives to quickly and easily schedule both in-person and virtual meetings across your teams.

Awesome functionallity

Meeting Management
Made Simple

meetvue supports a seamless integration with Outlook Calendar. Instantly schedule meetings just as your normally would with your software of choice.
You can schedule meetings or connect with your team and coworkers with the help of Google Workspace. It also gives you cloud storage so you never miss anything.
In a fast-moving business world, constant reminders are always helpful. That’s why meetvue sends users up to date notifications regarding your current meeting/event
Along with making it easier to plan meetings and schedule events, meetvue helps you better optimize the meeting spaces within your building.